Wednesday, September 12, 2012

could it be the first day of fall?


So sleepy.

Ben washes his hands downstairs in the sink and my eyes fall shut.  I'm not sure I have anything to say just now, but I will find something, won't I?

Life is a little overwhelming for the time being.  Yarn, tangled in balls (puddles and hoards) on the floor and two doll quilts need retying if only I had the time.  No, the energy.  I do have the time!  I'm just sleepy. :)  So, too, is my dump of patterns on the living room carpet.  Sprawling bits of vintage pretty, waiting to be categorized, lumped into "baby" and "women" and "men".  Sweet Home Sweet is a mess!  But at least we got rid of the ants.

We had T-bone steak for dinner, oven baked fries with cheese.  It could have been more in sticking with my proper diet (no potatoes?), but I wanted those hot, crunchy-soft, cheese smothered... yum.  Would you believe I put sour cream and bacon on top?

We eat low carb here.  It's true.

When we're being good.

When we're not, it's tonight.  Peppermint tea + peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  An odd combination?  But perfectly, crumbly-sweet and delicious!  I made them last night (the cookies) -- Ben helped -- sugar, peanut butter, almond flour, eggs and baking soda.  Simple, grain free, if not low carb.

Today was cool enough for a jacket, although all I had brought to campus was one of Ben's flannel shirts.  Over my white tank top, and coupled with hot fall coffee, it sufficed.  I'm not ready for fall, but I am ready for a break in the heatwave.  It was really quite a perfect day, weather-wise.

And even though I'm not ready for fall, I am ready for sweaters.  Those, I've missed.

Maybe more tomorrow.


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