Friday, September 21, 2012

friday finds: handmade dolls

I know, I know. Practically everybody and their dog has a Friday Finds feature, but maybe you don't know how fancy it makes me feel to have one!

I am super obsessed with handmade dolls.  I like to make them and give them, I like to look at patterns (especially vintage ones)... it's probably unhealthy. I mean, I'm supposed to be too old for dolls.  But it's just so fun.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I whipped up two Binky Baby Bunnies from Larissa at mmmcrafts.  She has some seriously cute patterns.  The bunny pattern was really simple, I felt, and easy to follow.  The most difficult part was sewing the whole thing together at the end, but that was mostly simple logistics.  Cramming two legs, two arms and two ears between two body pieces is just a tight squeeze!

Anyway, I guess they're not technically dolls so much as stuffed animals, but if you haven't heard of her (and, in which case, you must live under a rock), you should check her out because she's very talented!

For now, let's look at some treasures I dug up.

1. Tutorial for a Mimi Kirchner doll at The Purl Bee.  2. DIY Doll Suitcase.  3. This is an old doll from Nooshka, whose etsy shop seems to be on hold.   4.  Phoebe's new doll from Wee Wonderfuls.  5. Sparrow's Birthday Doll.  6. Dolls from Le Train Fantome (I looked for a link to them, specifically, but couldn't find one).  7. Free Black Apple Doll Pattern.  8. Doll for Estrela from elbooga's Flickr.  9. Doll for Boum from elbooga's Flickr.

I've always loved dolls.  When my younger sister and I were little, we both got dolls at every single Christmas that I can remember.  It was the present I was most excited to open.  Baby dolls were my favorite then, but handmade dolls of any sort are my favorite now and all of these are so cute!!

I've used the Black Apple pattern (#7 above) several times in making dolls for nieces (and nephews).  It's a great pattern that can easily be altered because it's so simplistic, so I've made both girl and boy dolls from it (cut the body portion in half widthwise to make pants and a shirt, then move the legs to the outside of the body portion instead of in the center, if that makes sense).

I've also used the Archie doll pattern from Wee Wonderfuls (#4 is a doll from Wee Wonderful) which turned out SO cute.  I love Wee Wonderfuls' patterns because Hilary Lang has such a great variety and everything she makes is stinking adorable.

Anyway, some of the dolls I listed are linked to tutorials and patterns, but some are just for inspiration because I really like to just pore over pictures of handmade dolls.  That's what kind of nerd I am (I tease Ben for his obsession with computer programming, but perhaps my obsession is a little more odd...).  I especially love the dolls from Le Train Fantome and think they provide the most inspiration to me, where I'm at right now.  They're so colorful and it just makes me happy!

Which ones are your favorite?  Do you have a favorite doll or pattern?

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