Tuesday, October 2, 2012

funnel cakes and knitting

Have you seen the High Plains Drifter pattern on Ravelry?  I love the simplicity of it.  It's perfect and pretty, but not too fussy and fiddly.

And, most of all, I love that I can knit it during class.  There are a few things a knitting pattern must possess to be approved for in-class knitting.

They must be:

1. Easy to carry around in a backpack FULL of everything else.
2. A simple enough pattern that I can memorize it and don't have to keep checking what the next step is -- I have to maintain the illusion that the professor is at my center of attention, after all.  I do have some sense of self preservation.
3. At a point where I can knit through the whole class period without breaking yarn and without ending the project (because then I'm just bored!).  Baby socks, for instance, not always the best project, because if you finish the first one and then you want to dig around in your bag for scissors to cut the yarn, but you forgot them, so you just want to pull-pop-break-the-yarn, but you know it will be too loud.... anyway.

This project has all of those qualities!  So, I started one.

I don't have enough of this crazy-weird-variegated skein (I think it's a Misty Alpaca sock), but I have some dark brown malabrigo sock leftover that I'll finish off with when this one dies out.

I don't really have any pictures that showcase it's greatness yet.  Maybe soon.

And here's the grain free funnel cake I made this afternoon.

Looks yummy, eh?  I know, not so much.  Turns out sometimes gluten really IS good for something, like keeping funnel cakes together in hot oil.  But, trust me, it really did taste delicious!

I also started a quilt today!  And if all goes well, I will share pictures soon.  For now, there are enchiladas cooling on the counter and I am HUNGRY!

Any ideas for a grain free funnel cake?

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